Was Nargis insecure of Mandana?


The makers of ‘Azhar’ biopic are set to recreate the song ‘Oye Oye’ from ‘Tridev’ (1989), as reported by hitlist on April 1. Now we hear that Mandana Karimi, who was shortlisted to feature in the song alongside Nargis Fakhri, is no longer a part of it. Apparently, Fakhri felt attention from her character would be diverted if the song featured known faces.

Says a unit source, “The song is an important part of the film since ‘Tridev’ starred Sangeeta Bijlani, who was married to Mohammed Azharuddin for 14 years. The song is being shot on a grand scale and we were looking to cast some relatively known faces alongside Nargis, who essays Sangeeta’s role in the film. We had shortlisted Mandana to be a part of the song since she has worked with us in the past.”

However, Nargis apparently wasn’t too comfortable about well-known faces being cast in the song and requested the makers to rethink their decision. “It wasn’t Nargis’ decision. The team wanted to cast new faces. So, Mandana, who had earlier agreed to do the song, was told that she was no longer part of it,” adds the source.

While Mandana, Nargis and the film’s spokesperson remained unavailable for comment, a source associated with the project confirms the story.

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