Sons of feared crime boss Christy Kinahan arrive back into Dublin Airport

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Daniel and Christy Jnr landed in the capital shortly after 4.30pm yesterday on a Ryanair flight from Faro, Portugal.

Their trusted lieutenant ‘Fat Freddie’ Thompson was on hand to welcome the brothers back ahead of his cousin’s funeral today in the Liberties.

The Crumlin criminal commanded a team of lookouts who were on standby in the busy Terminal 1 arrivals hall. A number of people were observed contacting each other on their phones while awaiting the arrival of their bosses.

Under the thin disguise of a navy blue Levi’s cap and scruffy ginger beard, a slimmed-down Thompson was visibly nervous while standing among a swell of armed gardaí.

Dressed in a black jacket and jeans and sporting a small manbag, Thompson, who spends most of his time in the Netherlands, was told by gardaí to put his phone down while apparently attempting to photograph journalists and detectives.

Daniel Kinahan at Dublin Airport yesterday

He sprinted to the side of boxing promoter and manager Daniel Kinahan as soon as he sauntered through the arrival gates. Christy Jnr followed just behind with an armed garda by his side.

Unsuspecting members of the public were taken aback by the scramble of gardaí as they moved with the Kinahans out to the airport carpark.

Four vehicles, one a Black Range Rover, waited for the duo. Three were driven by scouts while a close relative of Thompson chauffeured the Kinahans. They were followed by gardaí to Crumlin.

When approached by reporters, Daniel Kinahan, who fled the country after the staggering attack at the Regency Hotel just over a week ago, said: “Leave us alone. Please just go away and leave us alone.”

Gardaí believe Daniel Kinahan, who resides in a Costa Del Sol mansion, was the intended target of the terrifying raid at the Regency Hotel event hosted by his MGM Marbella gym.

Investigators now believe the attack, carried out by six gunmen, three of whom were armed with AK-47s, was a response to the slaying of Gary Hutch in Spain last year.

It’s understood that Daniel has now taken the reins of his father’s billion-euro crime empire – one of the Europe’s most feared drug gangs.

Two of his associates were shot in the attack in the northside hotel, while David Byrne was shot in the legs before being assassinated at point-blank range by suspected members of the Hutch gang as he lay helpless on the floor.

In response, the Kinahan gang are believed to have gunned down the brother of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch, Eddie Hutch Snr (58), in a brutal murder in Dublin’s Poplar Row last Monday.

Four masked gunmen burst into the home of the taxi driver shooting him five times in the torso and four times in the head before escaping.

It is understood senior members of both the Kinahan cartel and Hutch gang met in a European city in recent days to discuss a ceasefire during the funerals of their loved ones.

Gerry Hutch is believed to have landed in Ireland yesterday following the meeting.

The Hutch gang has claimed it paid €200,000 to the Kinahan gang to stop Gary Hutch being murdered, but then faced demands for another €200,000 following his killing.

In a statement at the weekend, the Hutch family accused the Kinahan gang of killing Eddie Hutch Snr and of being involved in the killing of Gary Hutch. They accused the Kinahans of reneging on a truce.

“Gary had a falling out with the Kinahan organisation. This matter was resolved and €200,000 in cash was paid over to the Kinahans,” it said.

“We shook hands and agreed to walk away. Gary was then murdered for no reason. You cannot trust these people.”

The statement said the Hutch family and Kinahan organisation had met in the past two weeks in talks to stop more killings and that a demand for a second €200,000 payment was made.

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