Shocking! Is Hrithik blackmailing Kangana?


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has given a statement to mid-day over her legal war with alleged ex beau Hrithik Roshan.

Here’s what she has to say…

“In a legal matter, only on-the-record statements can be addressed, not gossips. So here’s my final word: If the other party who sued me for defamation and asked for a public apology can prove defamation, I promise to apologise publicly. I request the other party to respond to the legal matter which they have started and not turn this defamation suit into a media trial and judgment. If they are sincerely seeking an apology, then they must help me understand their perspective because blackmailing or threatening won’t work with me.”

“Though my legal team is taking strict actions against blackmailing and threatening, as a girl, it doesn’t scare me. You won’t get a ‘sorry’ by threatening me or circulating my love poems, letters or images. I am not ashamed of anything, not my past, not my affairs, not my body and most definitely, not my desire. So slut-shaming won’t work either. If they want an apology, then they have to come to the point; beating about the bush won’t help. My team and I are eager to help as hurting sentiments isn’t our intention.”

The Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut spat got murkier with the actress approaching the Commissioner of Police seeking the actor’s arrest for allegedly circulating her personal photographs and e-mails to the media and “wilfully outraging” her modesty. The letter further stated that while Kangana reserves her right to file FIR, she would request the police to immediately look into the matter and take appropriate action.

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