Flex Class Proposes Listing on OTC Markets & Ireland Stock Exchange.

Mumbai: Flex Class (http://www.flexclass.org), a leading online education provider currently focusing on the English speaking and several accounts courses is gearing up to list on OTC Markets, USA and Ireland Stock Exchange as a part of its dual listing program. The listing is expected to be completed by June, 2016.
The online education provider raised US $2.5 million in January this year from a set of private investors which valued the Flex Class business at US $60 million. The listing is expected in the range of US $70-75 million valuation.
Flex Class is planning to add over 400 courses this year. The innovative online education provider focuses on highly subsidized education, the course fee is capped at maximum of US $30 which is repaid by the sponsors on the Flex Class website (http://www.flexclass.org) who themselves are the potential employers registered on the platform.
The year old startup has already clocked a turnover of US $11.73 million. The gross profits stood at US $4.51 million but due to heavy investments in marketing and setting up of web servers and course production it ended up in red with a net loss of US $1.17 million.
With comparison to Udacity, Flex Class stock will be available at much cheaper valuation. Udacity’s average yearly turnover is in the range of US $25-40 million and the business is valued at close to a billion dollar by the investors. This means Udacity’s stock is privately trading at 25 times of its turnover, whereas Flex Class is expected to trade 7 times of its turnover at the time of listing.

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